Our story


We need to TALK with each other. This project is to help bring community together.

Driven by Social Good -
The concept behind this project is that a mix of market-rate and non-profit rentals can sustain and fund programming for social good in the building, and create community.

This programming has one primary function. It seeks to create ways for people to connect over social difference. It tries to soften and break through the invisible walls we have between people of different social and economic situations. We need to do more than nod to each other as we pass in the street or sit in the same row at a children’s choir concert.

The rental spaces will include co-working space, and conference room rentals, space for indoor/outdoor community events, and a café-like space. We seek partners who are driven by community and a sense of social purpose. It aims to create an inclusive and supportive environment for new ideas, human connection and success.

How does this operate? Primarily, through memberships in a beautiful and functional co-working space. What is a co-working space? Memberships will be monthly, and will include high-speed wi-fi, comfortable joint working space with other exciting and supportive entrepreneurs, a super-quiet “phone booth” for making calls with no distractions, and access to a beautiful conference room.

Members who have completed the Entrepreneurship training may qualify for reduced rates for their first year. This training is presented by “Community Happens Here.”

The history of Community Happens Here starts at Pleasant Ridge Montessori (a neighborhood public school – check out that story at PRMrocks.org) in 2010 when our Founder, Ruth Anne Wolfe, started an Entrepreneurship program for students, which includes weekly classes and a student-run coffee shop that operates on Thursday mornings and at special events. In the first year the students named the café “Coffee Cup” and the name stuck.
In May 2017 the opportunity to purchase 6238 Montgomery became a reality, and Coffee Cup Entrepreneurs LLC, funded personally by Ruth Anne Wolfe and her husband, became the proud owner of a building. Operations of the student café and business after-school class were moved to the non-profit “Community Happens Here” as it fit better into the programming arm of the whole project. The building itself has now been donated to the nonprofit Community Happens Here.Each year up to 50 students are trained in the basics of business, learning about profit/loss, inventory, people skills and customer service. They also have the chance to create a plan for a “dream” business and present their ideas to the whole group for input.  We encourage these 4th, 5th and 6th graders to imagine what it will be like 25 years from now when their business was successful; how they got their start, who their customers are, how they acquired capital, and what their challenges were. They create products to sell or use in the Café, and learn about themselves. This program has also developed into Radical Sidewalk Hospitality - learn more  

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